Published On: Wed, Aug 7th, 2013

Footing the bill for transition to renewables

As electricity bills soar and Germany’s transition to renewables falters, patience is wearing thin. Many companies complain of the high costs, and fear a threat to their existence. When Chancellor Angela Merkel defined her government’s new energy policy two years ago, there was widespread support. Energy was to become more environmentally friendly, more social, and more competitive. The goal of the big project: using renewable energy to balance the phase-out of nuclear power. That optimism has not waned, but the implementation has become a cause forFooting the bill for transition to renewables concern. Steep costs are a problem, Ralf Bartels says “We have conducted polls among ordinary people and some 250 companies on how they see the transition to renewables. Two-thirds of the people and 61 percent of companies replied either “good” or “very good,” says Ralf Bartels of the industrial union for coal mining, chemistry and energy (IG-BCE). The problem was not the goal […]

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