Published On: Thu, Sep 12th, 2013

2014 Leadership Awards for Conservationists Worldwide

Deadline- 11 November 2013

All eligible applicants are invited to submit applications for Conservation Leadership Programme Awards which aims to advance biodiversity conservation globally. The focus of this program is to build the leadership capabilities of early-career conservation professionals working in places with limited capacity to address high-priority conservation issues.

Successful applicants will-

  • Develop the knowledge, skills and abilities of team members
  • Implement a focused, high-priority conservation project combining research and action
  • Contribute to the long-term success of local conservation efforts


  • Future Conservationist Awards: Approximately 20 awards of up to $15,000 each
  • Conservation Follow-up Awards: Approximately 6 awards of up to $25,000 each (available only to previous CLP Future Conservationist Award winners)
  • Conservation Leadership Awards: 1 award of $50,000 (available only to previous CLP Follow-up Award winners)

Eligibility & criteria-

CLP projects must occur in and be led by nationals of countries excluded from the World Bank list of high-income economies across Africa, Asia, Eastern and South-eastern Europe, the Middle East, the Pacific, Latin America and the Caribbean, where there tends to be fewer resources and capacity for conservation. Exceptions include some high-income economies located in some temperate and tropical areas of high biological diversity but thought to have low national capacity for conservation, including the Pacific Islands, Caribbean Islands and the Middle East.

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