Published On: Mon, Oct 14th, 2013

Indonesian city adopts “green city” programme

The East Java regency of Bojonegoro is working together with the Geospatial Information Agency to adopt a green city programme called “Ina-GRES” (Indonesian Green and Resilient Cities) in a bid to help the local government better manage its natural resources.

Bojonegoro is located in the inland part of northern Java plain, on the banks of the Bengawan Solo river, the largest river in Java. It is home to more than 1.1 million people. While it’s popularly known as a major producer of a wide array of agricultural products, a recent discovery of a new oil field which has been touted as the biggest reserve in Indonesia has put Bojonegoro in the spotlight.

According to Bojonegoro Regent H. Suyoto, while Bojonegoro is abundant with natural resources, much needs to be done to address floods threatening the livelihood and homes in many districts.

“As a national granary, Bojonegoro has a lot of potential, which we would like to leverage with the help of the Geospatial Information Agency. We need GIS and geospatial information to better manage our resources and help us not only in keeping track of the money we spend, but also find out where it is going and whether we’re achieving our development goals.”

Meanwhile, Yusuf Surachman, Deputy Head of the Geospatial Information Agency, presented how the Ina-Geoportal integrates geospatial data from various authoritative sources to help policy makers arrive at well-informed decisions.

“At present, we have 25 government agencies and insitutions sharing their data in the Ina-Geoportal. These agencies include the Ministry of Transport, Public Works, Environment and many others,” he said.

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