Published On: Mon, Jul 14th, 2014

UNICEF joins ENUF in campaign to support HIV-positive people

UNICEF joins ENUF in campaign to support HIV-positive people

UNICEF will show its support for the Living Positive Victoria (LPV) ENUF campaign during the World AIDS 2014 Conference.

ENUF is a crowd-sourced campaign that uses the experiences of people living with HIV to challenge stigma and discrimination, while celebrating the resilience of HIV-positive people in overcoming these challenges.

“Stigma and discrimination prevents people from receiving HIV testing and counselling and the care and treatment people with HIV need,” said Craig McClure, director of UNICEF’s HIV program.

“This can have a particularly negative impact on adolescents, who are so often overlooked by services.”

LPV executive officer Brent Allan said he was excited to have UNICEF support the ENUF campaign.

“The ENUF campaign seeks to improve the situation for all people living with HIV, including adolescents,” Allan said.

“We are thrilled and excited that UNICEF is leveraging its social media and online presence to highlight the importance of focusing on adolescents.

“We hope this will encourage more of the Victorian community to sign up to the ENUF campaign.”

For more information and to pledge your support for the campaign, visit

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