Published On: Tue, May 5th, 2015

Yemen: Escalating Conflict Flash Update 24 | 4 May 2015


Daily Key messages

Conflict, insecurity and shortage of fuel continue to hinder the delivery of urgently needed assistance to displaced families and other vulnerable, conflict-affected communities.


Humanitarian Coordinator for Yemen, Johannes van der Klaauw has stressed the need to bring fuel into the country. On 2 May, van der Klaaw told media sources key “services still available in the country in terms of health, water, food are quickly disappearing because fuel is no longer being brought into the country. If something is not done in the next few days , Yemen is going to come to a complete stand-still.”

In Aden, local sources report continued widespread violence. A two hour truce proposed by the Southern Resistance Movement has not been observed. The districts of Craiter and Al Muala have been without electricity, water and telecommunication for over a week according to residents. On 3 May access to the districts had been blocked by a party to the conflict.

In Al Hudayda multiple airstrikes reportedly pounded Hudeyda airport and the surrounding area in Hudaydah city. Acute shortage of fuel continues to intensify the humanitarian crisis in the region and slow down reponse efforts.

Displacement and casualties

Local authorities reported ten casualties in Hajjah Governorate. While officials in Sa’adah reported three fatalities and twelve injuries on 3 May. This report has not been independently verified.

In Aden, local authorities report that 98 per cent of Khormaksar’s 62,869 residents had left the district.
Remaining families are trapped and awaiting secure conditions to leave. The majority of the residents in Al Muala district are also reported to be leaving. Families are fleeing to Al Mansura, Ash Shaikh Outhman, and Dar Sad districts, which are already reportedly experiencing strained recources and overcrowding.

Access and humanitarian response

Insecurity and lack of fuel have limited access to and delivery of services. Partners report difficulty providing medical services as result of the current security situation and continued airstrikes targeting Haradh, Sa’adah and Sana’a. Humanitarian partners have had to suspend food assistance in Haradh district (Hajjah Governorate) and Al Hudaydah Governorate due to lack of fuel.

Partners have begun water trucking to Haradh Hospital (Hajjah Governorate) with 12,000 liters of water supplies to be provided on a daily basis. Partners also continue water trucking to 1,421 displaced families living in Hajjah Governorate and 682 families in Al Hudaydah Governorate, as well as distribution of hygiene kits.

Partners have provided 600 IDPs families with Non-Food Items in Lahj Governorate and distributed NFIs to 212 IDP families in Sabwah Governorate.

Water trucking has continued in Al Dhaleé and in Lahj, reaching 1,270 people. Partners have also provided two water tanks with capacity to reach 800 people.

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