Published On: Tue, Jun 16th, 2015

A first glimpse into the new EU Gender Action Plan

With the expiry of the European Union’s Gender Action Plan six months away, the drafting of a new framework to replace it is “almost finalized,” EU Commissioner for International Cooperation and Development Neven Mimica revealed to Devex.

Covering the 2016-2020 period, the follow-up GAP is set to be adopted by the European Commission in September, with Mimica “hopeful” that the plan will be endorsed by the bloc’s Council of ministers in December.

Upon its adoption in 2010, the first GAP was upheld as a strategic instrument to push for greater gender equality mainstreaming in EU development cooperation. But five years on, experts and officials admit that implementation — particularly with respect to gender analysis, monitoring and financial tracking — has fallen short of expectations.

This time around, however, the EU intends to give itself the means to live up to its own ambitions. Lessons have been learned.

“To respond to the criticisms raised on the first action plan, the second will be more comprehensive and much more results-oriented,” the commissioner stressed.


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