Published On: Mon, Oct 26th, 2015

REACH Trust Fund: Grants and Objectives of the Grant Programme!

Check information regarding grants, the REACH Trust Fund will be awarding and the objectives of the grant programme here!

Grant Information

  • A total of up to US$1.5 million is available under the Knowledge, Learning, and Innovation (KLI) stream, and will be competitively awarded.
  • The maximum budget for an activity financed through this call for proposals is expected to be $200,000.


The objective of the KLI Grants is to strengthen the evidence-base for the impact results-based financing can have on education systems. REACH will fund activities which contribute to this knowledge by:

  • Supporting governments in establishing the conditions required for results-based financing of education systems;
  • Testing/piloting a theory of change about how financing based on results could be an effective innovation in a given context;
  • Conducting impact evaluations on existing RBF activities to determine whether they have succeeded or failed and why.

World Bank Goals

The World Bank has set two ambitious goals:

  1. To push extreme poverty to no more 3 percent by 2030
  2. To promote shared prosperity and greater equity in the developing world.

REACH TF Principles

  • Country systems can be strengthened to focus more on results;
  • Some approaches are proven to be effective, others are promising;
  • Innovation and evaluation are therefore critical to developing the evidence base;
  • Results can be broadly defined, including both outcomes and outputs; and
  • Efforts must be client-driven to be successful.

Please visit next page for eligibility and information regarding application procedure.

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